Navigating the Website

The website Lotte Jacobi: Photographer in the USSR introduces its users to the important historical photographs that Jacobi made on her stimulating trip to the USSR in 1932-1933.

This collection of Jacobi's photographs and other documents is located in The Lotte Jacobi Papers, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

The website has been designed to facilitate a greater understanding of the social, cultural, and political changes taking place in Russia and Central Asia in the early 1930s. It pulls together different kinds of information—photographs, documents, and short scholarly essays—to create a series of contexts for her trip and for what was happening in Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan during this period.

Jacobi’s photographs, and the contexts and issues associated with them, may be explored in several ways:

Menu: explore topics through short essays and photographs.

Lotte Jacobi: Find out who Jacobi was and why she went to the USSR.

Historical Context: Learn about the history of Russia and the USSR before and at the time of Jacobi's trip.

People: Meet the political leaders, intellectuals, and friends Jacobi saw on her trip.

Map & Cities: Follow Jacobi's trip in the Soviet Union on the interactive map. Click on a city to learn its history. Meet who she meets, see what she sees.

Photograph Essays: Photographs are collected in exhibits that focus on a topic through short essays, galleries of photographs, and explanatory captions for the photographs, as can be seen in The Unveiling of Women in Central Asia.

Tours: Follow Jacobi’s travels, either her overall trip to 7 cities, or her touring of a specific monument, such as the Bibi Khanum Mosque in Samarkand.